Patient Navigator

Patient Navigators help reduce the stress of medical appointments.

Medical appointments can be anxiety-inducing for senior adults—but that doesn’t have to be the case. Our Patient Navigators are trained volunteers who accompany senior adults to their medical appointments. They are not only a calming influence during the appointments, but they also help seniors and their families get the information and care they need. Patient Navigators are especially helpful when seniors’ family members live far away, may not be available, or for seniors who need personalized support at medical appointments.

To help ensure the best possible medical appointment outcome, JFS Patient Navigators:

  • Talk with the senior adult before appointments to review their concerns, medications and questions
  • Accompany seniors to doctors’ visits and medical procedures
  • Help facilitate doctor/patient communication
  • Review the doctor’s instructions and help schedule follow up visits after each medical appointment
  • Compile a written record of the doctor’s appointment to keep or share with family and caregivers

JFS Patient Navigators are caring volunteers whose training includes:

  • Common health issues among senior adults, with an emphasis on chronic medical conditions
  • Essential information about Medicare
  • Listening and communicating with medical personnel
  • Stress reduction techniques and applications for seniors
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Confidentiality and Ethics

Would you like to become a trusted guide at medical appointments?

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