On Sunday, January 26th, Malka Young, LICSW,CCM Director of Allies in Aging JFS Eldercare Solutions presented as part of Congregation Beth Elohim’s Adult Education Series Things We Need to Know for Ourselves and Our Parents:  A series of presentations about end of life issues. Almost two dozen people gathered to learn how to plan for their own aging and ways to better care for their parents.  Click to watch the presentation:

Many attendees had questions – below, Malka answers some of the group’s most pressing concerns.

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If one is privately engaging and paying for care, are there any organizations that help with the tax, workman’s comp, etc?

A household employer has certain responsibilities, both state and federal.  Here is a link to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue with an overview of these responsibilities.  The five steps below are only the beginning.

  • Apply for an Employer Identification Number with the IRS
  • Report New Hires
  • Submit employment and wage detail report
  • Register with Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA)
  • File a withholding tax return/make payment (quarterly)

This is why many families hire an accountant or sign up with a private household payroll service for a monthly fee.

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