“We received help finding assisted living for an 80-year-old couple whose personalities were challenging even before they began to suffer from cognitive loss. The understanding and help we got figuring out where they should be placed was the key to getting them into an appropriate situation. I can’t imagine how we would have done that by ourselves.”

— Michael Sandman – Brookline, MA



If you need guidance on housing options for a loved one struggling
with cognitive decline, the elder experts of JFS Allies in Aging can help.
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Malka Young

With more than 25 years experience navigating complex health care systems, Young has worked in teaching hospitals, home care, nursing homes, hospice and in the community. Her positive energy, in-depth knowledge of both traditional and non-traditional community resources and her tireless advocacy, provides personalized, well thought out solutions that are creative and pragmatic. Clients find solutions that maximize autonomy and independence, balancing safety and their need for a vital and engaged life.

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