It can be challenging to follow the CDC’s recommendations that encourage older adults to limit their travel and close interactions with other people as much as possible. To many, this translates into staying at home for the duration. For those who were starting to feel as if it was safe to venture out again, the surging infection rates have forced many back into isolation, deepening feelings of loneliness and depression. 

Maintaining social connections is key to maintaining health and well-being. Elder care expert and Director of Allies in Aging JFS Elder Care Solutions Malka Young suggests, instead of social distancing, think physical distancing + social connection. She was recently quoted in the aforementioned AARP blog, a national organization that advocates for older adults. 

During World War II the planting of victory gardens, and the rationing of gas, food, and clothing connected Americans of all ages, classes, and cultures in a shared effort to save these precious resources for soldiers. Now, mask wearing, sheltering in place, washing our hands frequently, and limiting the spread of the virus allows us to connect to neighbors, friends and family no matter where they are. 

Here are 10 actions that you can do every day to keep your spirits up: Call someone* (keep a list of family, friends, neighbors by your phone) 

    1. Call someone** (keep a list of family, friends, neighbors by your phone) 
    2. Move your body (CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise weekly) 
    3. Straighten up one area in your home 
    4. Eat something healthy and stay hydrated 
    5. Get outside 
    6. Get a good night’s sleep 
    7. Limit how much news you listen to (15 minutes 2x/day is more than enough!) 
    8. Name one thing you are grateful for 
    9. Learn something new 
    10. Do something creative (listen to music, bake, make something, etc.) 

**At Call2Talk 508-532-2255 someone is available to listen 24 hours/day/7 days/week. 

For more ideas, read AARP’s article 6 Ways to Overcome Social Isolation During Another COVID Winter. 

Are you or a loved one struggling with social isolation due to the pandemic? Are you worried about managing the coming months amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis? Contact Malka Young to learn how a Geriatric Care Manager can assess your concerns, arrange services and provide critical support to ensure that you or your loved ones are safe and cared for during the coming months. 



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With more than 25 years experience navigating complex health care systems, Young has worked in teaching hospitals, home care, nursing homes, hospice and in the community. Her positive energy, in-depth knowledge of both traditional and non-traditional community resources and her tireless advocacy, provides personalized, well thought out solutions that are creative and pragmatic. Clients find solutions that maximize autonomy and independence, balancing safety and their need for a vital and engaged life.

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